The NAB Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge committee have arranged for several attractions to entertain participants and their families during the day up to the presentation at the end of the event.

ExpressiveBikes trials show

The ExpressiveBikes Trials Stunt Show features a group of amazingly talented trials riders, who will demonstrate amazing bike handling skills. These riders will hop, jump and balance their bicycles on a serious of technical obstacles in ways that you never thought possible. On two wheels or one these riders will make sure you never look at cycling the same way again. There will be 4 set 20 minute exciting shows.

Expressive Bikes Expressive Bikes

Check our their video Here


Honey Shotz

Honey Shots

Honey Shots

Honey Shotz pack a punch! A natural & powerful alternative to sports gels, in a snap and squeeze 7g sachet suitable for pros and juniors. Upcoming Olympic Cyclist, Alex Edmondson is a fan of the natural boost, “If you don’t take gels at the right time and keep fluids up it can make them a disadvantage, which is why Honey Shotz are a great natural fuel in cycling, they digest easily and don’t upset your stomach.”

The buzz of the sweet stuff as an energy booster have been confirmed by clinical trials at the Memphis Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory, which proved honey was on par with sports gels for energy and endurance delivery on professional athletes. They little morsels of energy are sold only on the Capilano website for $18.95 per box of 100.


Other attractions include the nearby extensive Jetty Markets, Fishermans Co-operative, Yacht and Deep Sea Fishing Clubs, Hotel, Restaurants, Cafes, Picnic and BBQ Facilities.

Beach Camel Rides. 4 Camels providing rides along the beach.

Beach Buggy Rides.