The 60km route is a picturesque ride through forest, along creeks and ocean, riding from Coffs Harbour to Sawtell, through to Bonville and Raleigh. It is most suitable for intermediate and experienced level riders. This ride starts and finishes at Geoff King Motors Oval, on the corner of Stadium and Hogbin Drives, Coffs Harbour

All entries must be done online.

Closing Time for Entries:
Entries close on Friday 4th August 2017. No entries will be taken on ride day

Saturday 5th August between 2.00pm and 4.00pm at C.ex Coffs, Vernon Street, Coffs Harbour. Riders will receive their timing tags, helmet number and pre-ordered jerseys at registration.

Can’t make the registration on Saturday and want your timing chips sent to you?
This service is only offered to entries finalised before 20th July to ensure sufficient time for the tags to reach their destination. An additional cost of $10 for postage is required for this service. Please indicated this option on your entry form.

Entry Fee:

School Students:
School students ride for FREE, but must be accompanied by an adult if under 12 years of age. In view of Cycling Australia guidelines, riders must be 12 years and over to enter the 60km ride.  Permission notes from parent/carer are required for all riders aged under 18, except if riding in the family ride.

Ride Start Time:
8.00am Sunday 6th August

Will be held at Geoff King Motors oval at 12.30pm Sunday.  All prizes are lucky ride number draws, so all riders in the 100km, 60km, 40km and 20km rides have chances to win some great prizes. Prize winners must be in attendance to secure their prizes.

Food and Drink:
A range of local vendors will provide food and drink after the ride.  This will include barbeque, coffee and cold drinks.

Volunteer massage therapists will be on hand to provide 10 minute post ride massages.

Rider Briefing Notes:
Click to download the 60km briefing notes which include rider rights and obligations.

Route Map and Elevation:
Below the map and elevation description you will find the link “download” which allows riders to download the GPX file.


Ride Route:
When this route was mapped, it shows the route length to be 61.3km
Depart the Geoff King Motors oval, turn right onto Stadium Drive.
Turn left onto the Hogbin Drive road pavement at the roundabout.
Proceed north along Hogbin Drive to the airport roundabout – 
Do a “U” turn at the roundabout and proceed south on Hogbin Drive to Sawtell Road roundabout
The route from Stadium Drive to the airport roundabout is a neutral zone
At the roundabout, turn left into Sawtell Road
Proceed east and follow Sawtell Road to First Avenue, then southwards through Sawtell for 3kms – toilets available
Continue along Lyons Road, through the roundabouts at the Pacific Highway junction, and across the highway
Turn left at the second roundabout onto Pine Creek Way
Proceed south on Pine Creek Way to Mailman’s Track Interchange.
Ride through the roundabout, and continue south on Keevers Drive 
Cross the old bridge at Raleigh over the Bellinger River.
Turn right at the roundabout on the eastern side of the Raleigh bridge, and proceed 3km through Raleigh village to the end of the Old Pacific Highway 
The end of the old Pacific Highway is the ‘turn around’ spot for riders in the 60km ride.

Return Ride:
At the end of the old Pacific Highway, make a safe “U” turn and return back to the Raleigh roundabout, and then across the bridge.
A water and fruit stop will be provided at North Bank Road intersection, about 200 metres on from the Raleigh Bridge
Proceed north back along Keevers Drive and Pine Creek Way to Archville Station Road roundabout.Turn left onto Butlers Road the right onto Glennifer Road. At the T intersection with Pine Creek Way, turn left.
A banana, toilet and water stop will be provided at the Bonville Shop on Pine Creek Way at Bonville
Continue northwards along Pine Creek Way to the Lyons Road roundabout. Turn right at the roundabout and follow Lyons Road through to the Sawtell bridge, then turn left onto Boronia Street
Follow Boronia St through to the T intersection with 16th Avenue. Turn right at the intersection 
Follow 16th Avenue along to the T intersection with 18th Avenue. Turn right at the intersection
Follow 18th Avenue along to the T intersection with First Avenue. Turn left onto First Avenue
Follow First Avenue along to the Hogbin Drive/Sawtell Road roundabout
Turn right at the roundabout and proceed north to Stadium Drive roundabout
Turn left at the roundabout and proceed to the finish line at the Geoff King Motors car park.

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