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Coffs Coast Festival of Cycling

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Join us for a week or a day

Organisers of the Cycle Challenge are currently developing a week-long “Festival of Cycling” around the annual C.ex McDonald’s Cycle Challenge. Visitors will be able to join a host of local ride groups in the week prior to the Challenge, providing them with opportunities to cycle many of the picturesque routes on the Coffs Coast.

“Our aim is to provide a wide range of cycling activities in the week prior to the Challenge, and thanks to the cooperation of many cycling groups in Coffs Harbour, we look like we will be able to put together a terrific schedule. We have groups who start off at 5.30am in the morning for a quick 100km ride before breakfast, right through to mature aged cycling groups who combine coffee with their 30km peddle. A number of cycle groups have also offered to set up additional rides during the Festival so there is something for everyone through the week”, said event manager Judy Smith

And perhaps the most exciting of those opportunities will be the possibility of riding criterions through Sawtell main street on Saturday afternoon 27th October. The Sawtell Chamber of Commerce is supportive of the idea and the route has been given the approval by Coffs Cycling Commissaire Geoff Hardaker. Organisers will now move into the approval process so stay tuned for the good news!!

Raleigh Bridge Update

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RMS Project Manager has advised the Raleigh Bridge temporary walkway will be open to cyclists on Saturday 14th July.  The walkway is rated to take max 4 pedestrians/cyclists at a time.  Cyclists will need to dismount.

The bridge consists of 3 spans. The RMS are working on one span at a time, and the walkway will go around the span they are working on.  A gantry system has been constructed on top of the bridge to “slide” the scaffolding from one span to the next.  RMS advised that it could take up to a week to move between each span.  During this time, the walkway will be closed.

Even whilst the walkway is available, there will be times that it may be closed due to paint removal process etc – hence important to identify those times most used.

RMS intend to put this information at the bridge.  A publicity announced is due to be released including a reminder of the safe vehicle passing distance (1.5m above 60 kmph).  

First entrant for the 165km ride

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Entries are coming in

Entries for the 2018 C.ex McDonald’s Cycle Challenge have already started coming in, with riders from Victoria, Queensland and across New South Wales entering.  All ride distances have entries, from the challenging 165km ride right through to the 10km social ride.

The first entrant in the 165km ride was Wayne Varney from Melbourne, Victoria.  Wayne is a 45 year old IT consultant who has been riding for about 5 years. “Like many riders, I came to the sport to maintain my fitness after injuries from previous sporting endeavors reduced my ability to compete.  I really enjoy riding and have ridden in many events in Victoria, including the 3 Peaks.”

After visiting the Coffs Coast in Easter, Wayne was captured by the natural beauty of the area. “I have a mate living in Sawtell (suburb of Coffs Harbour) and this will be his first long distance ride, so we will be doing it together. I am looking forward to riding in such a pristine area and to meeting new people.”

Wayne will be spending 3 or 4 days in Coffs prior to the event and was pleased to hear that he will be able to join up with some local ride groups during that time.  “We are receiving great support for our “Week of Cycling” with many local groups coming on board. Visiting riders will be able to join in a variety of group rides that will suit their ability” said event manager Judy Smith.  More details of those rides will be provided later. But for now, get your entries in and help us beat our target of 1,000 riders.